Common Myths Surrounding Faith Integration


  • Jenifer N. Nalbandian California Baptist University Author


myths, humility, intentional integration, networking, faith integration


Faith Integration is a requirement for most professors at faith-based colleges and universities. The idea of beginning to devise methods to integrate faith into a course can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially for those who are early-career educators. This paper seeks to expose a few of the common myths that prevent professors from beginning to incorporate faith-learning integration ideas in their courses. Through addressing and providing counterarguments to these myths, the paper will provide support and encouragement for anyone that desires to begin or to continue to engage in the process of integrating faith into their specific discipline. The professor does not need to be an expert before beginning to incorporate ideas of how faith and their discipline coexist. Faith integration should not be an exercise that is engaged in once but should be intentionally explored and implemented throughout one’s career. Many professors feel that they lack a support system as they attempt to incorporate faith into their subject area, but we are all surrounded by a network of colleagues, potential mentors, and even our own students who each have something to contribute as we learn and grow today, in hopes of becoming successful practitioners in the future.






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