About the Journal

The Journal of Faith in the Academic Profession is a new journal that provides a space for researchers to consider and discuss the role that faith plays in the life and work of a higher education instructor.  We seek to understand the way that faith drives academic decisions such as which programs to offer, the curriculum we will use, and how we go about teaching material.  Additionally, faculty members at faith-based institutions engage in scholarship and service, similar to the work done in other institutions of higher learning.  How does faith inform the scholarship, research, and service practices of higher education professionals?  Where are the tensions and opportunities as well as potential pitfalls or barriers?

We encourage submissions for:

  • Theoretical Articles (2,000 to 6,000 words)
  • Research Articles (2,000 - 6,000 words)
  • Practical Application Articles (2,000 - 5,000 words)
  • Book Reviews (300 to 1,000 words)

The Journal of Faith in the Academic Profession was started by a group of faculty members at California Baptist University during a Faith Integration Institute.  Therefore the root of this initial work is distinctly Christian with Baptist influence and a target audience of faculty members from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.  Despite this focus, the editorial board is interested in hearing from the broader faith-based community and welcomes submission from a variety of authors whose work might align with the purpose of the journal.

Authors retain copyright and are permitted to self-archive the Pre-print, Post-print, or Publisher's Version/PDF of the works.

Issues will be published twice per year (August 1 and February 1).  Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.

ISSN: 2836-3132